Docs, Tips and How-Tos on Continuous Integration for Apple iOS developers

About MacBuildServer team

We started in early 2011 as consulting company, helping another software companies to implement agile engineering practices, especially Continuous Integration, in their software development workflow.

Achieving experience in creating mobile applications for Apple iOS devices, we had get face to face to problems with CI in the world of iOS development. Having strong background in enterprise Java development we was greatly discouraged and decided to create company which would help to iOS developers, mobile startups and huge outsourcing companies to build better mobile applications using well-described engineering practices like unit-testing, build automation and continuous integration and delivery.

Our mission

We are the firing pad for software vendors launching their mobile software products.

Highly inspired with Voager-2 NASA world-famous space program, we think about Continuous Integration and Delivery for our clients as if they’re deploying software to the most distant computer created by human, which costs billions.