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Find UDID of your iDevice easy

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While we’re working on our product for developers (and gamers) we decided to launch small service which helps developers and iDevices users to find UDID of their devices by one single tap.

As you may know, UDID or Unique Device Identifier is used to register device on Apple Developers portal. Registered UDID makes you able to install AdHoc builds of iOS applications which aren’t in AppStore yet. It is very useful when you participate in beta-testing of new applications or you need enterprise (“in-house”) applications distributed primarily outside the AppStore.

We know, finding UDID of iDevice is not a problem at all, if you have your MacBook or PC running iTunes under left hand. But countless amount of blog posts around the web dedicated to “how-tos” and “whys” on tickling it led us to publish a piece of bootstrapped code as independent web-site.

At now iTunes is not needed more to get your UDID and Serial Number of the device.

Use to find UDID when you feel lazy.

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