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How MacBuildServer helps OpenSource

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Few days ago we ran our service for OpenSource iOS developers. Our research of more than 1000 OpenSource iOS community projects made us unhappy, because there are too little number of projects, really valuable projects, which could be build easily using XCode.

The difficulties we was been confronted was evident and obvious in most cases: compilation errors or no additional dependencies provided. Anyway, such simple restriction are annoying, when you are working on new iOS application and trying a lot of examples and libraries to find one suiting your needs.

To help OpenSource community we’ve developed small service, which allows authors of iOS Projects and visitors of GitHub iOS projects pages to Install application directly on iOS device right from GitHub project page. We expect, it would help iOS hackers make more usable libraries and software in shorter time and reach new maintainers faster, adding to iOS development with GitHub more fun.

To know more and get mini-demo, look at our OpenSource offer at this page.

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